The Oldest Generation:Portraits of a Maine Generation

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This project has been an incredible journey. It continues to surprise me and connect me and others in ways I never would’ve predicted when I started. Maine is truly a unique and inspiring place to live, but it’s not just the landscape that makes this state what it is. The pride, kindness, tenacity, humor and humility of Mainers is inspiring. 

Demographically speaking, Maine is the oldest state in the nation and home to some incredible individuals. When I started this project, my goal was to get to know folks around the state and make portraits to help tell their stories and share who they are. Because Maine is what many call “one big, small town,” more people from different areas of the state know each other and the degrees of separation are fewer here than other places.

And once I started to share images from this project, people connected with individuals they knew personally or were reminded of someone who has had an impact on their own lives.  

Because of these connections, I get messages from people around the state every week with great ideas and suggestions on people to feature, and I hope to get an opportunity to meet and photograph each person on my ever-growing list. This project has given me the privilege of sitting in living rooms, cafes, graveyards and lobster boats, listening to stories and jokes that will stay with me for many years. 

It truly has become a collaborative project with individuals around the state contacting me and sharing names of people in their lives who make a difference in Maine. Thank you to everyone who has supported or participated in this project, and I’m looking forward to more stories and photos to come!